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Why Australians say NOW is the best time to buy and Invest?

Despite the financial 'crisis' of the pandemic, the housing market delivered strong results.

​With house prices continuing to increase, it is no wonder Australians still believe NOW is the time to buy and invest in property. 

With so much extra time being spent at home, your family may be putting bigger demands on your house than it can handle.

​How about ..,


How about ...

  • A quiet room for office space?
  • A virtual homeschool classroom for your kids?
  • A personal gym to stay healthy?
  • More outdoor space for your family to relax and play?
  • Why Australian's are saying now is an excellent time to buy?



ING surveyed over 2,000 Australians and found there is still a positive feeling about the property market.

Over a quarter (26%) of Australians believe now is the best time to enter the investment property market, and 44% still see property as a strong investment option.

This number is higher among millennials by (50%), with low-interest rates (32%) and the prospect of lower house prices (27%) among the key reasons for the desire to buy an investment property.

Aussies are saving more (37%) and spending less (40%) during the pandemic months.



With interest rates on both investment and owner-occupier home loans look set to fall further, it is no wonder many Australians are taking advantage of the current economic housing advantages.

If you are renting, paying your landlords mortgage can prove to be more expensive than paying your own!

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